The known unknown

The question may have been planted, but the cheers were not.

Rumsfeld -- and our government -- should be asked the hard questions. And our troops putting their lives on the line deserve answers.

Why, after nearly two years and tens of billions spent on the "war against terror" do soldiers lack basic needs such as adequate armor?

"It isn't a matter of money, it's a matter of physics," Rumsfeld replied in typically oblique fashion.

Physics? How do these guys get away with dishing up such bullshit?

According to a story at Bloomberg.com, the sole source of Humvee armor plating is ready, willing and able to increase production by 22% -- but the Pentgon hasn't asked.

Rumsfeld says that even a heavily armored tank can be blown up. It's true that no amount of armor will protect a Humvee against an RPG. But armor can make a fatal attack survivable.

Our soldiers, and their families, deserve no less.


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