Time of Disillusion

What a gift, to paraphrase Robert Burns, to see ourselves as others see us.

The most disheartening aspect of this political season has been the revelation that Bill and Hillary Clinton are all the things that right-wingers have been saying for years: opportunistic, dishonest, manipulative. The scales fell from my eyes in December 2005, when Hillary Clinton co-sponsored an anti-flag burning law -- an obvious pandering of a red-meat issue. The disappointment was profound.

I can empathize with Repubs who are puzzled or shocked by Scott McClellan's book. The lies leading us into a reckless and unnecessary war, catapaultin' the propaganda, conspiring to blow a spy operation for political purposes, the partisan politicization of federal agencies, the culture of incompetence....It's all true.

My illusions were shattered. Their illusions have shattered the country.


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