What's the frequency?

Nearly threw a punch at a commuter on the train the other evening.

The train was packed as usual, standing room only. There were perhaps a dozen or more of us jammed together at the end of the car. I had a spot at the top of the steps.

Nearly the entire way from Union Station to the first express stop at BWI, one voice pontificated loudly on why George W. Bush is the Greatest President Ever.

Tall guy. Quintessential blue suit. Refined features. Pudgy. Frat boy. Heard him that he is a former Navy guy, now with a contractor assigned to federal jobs. He looked like any number of people who work for beltway bandits, perhaps in defense or homeland security, one of those companies bellying up to the federal trough.

For a good 20 minutes he prattled on, parroting the GOP talking points:

Thank god there's as real man in the White House. Kicking Saddam's ass was the right thing to do. The war is going swimmingly well. Nobody should criticize the government unless they served in the military. Joe and Valerie Plame are traitors trying to make a buck.

Torture is good. What's wrong with torturing somebody who wants to kill us? They ought to put a gun to a terrorist's head, and if he doesn't talk blow his brains out. I guarantee the next one will talk.

Dan Rather is a weasel who deserved what he got. He never admitted that the military records were forged...

That was my breaking point. "What about the Niger memo? The White House knew that it was a forgery, and they've never come clean about it," I said. "The whole war was based on lies and forgeries."

He shot me a look. "Didja ever hear of bad intelligence?

Oh please, I snorted. Do you think Dan Rather personally aquired those documents?

Him: "Baa...baa....baa...."

"Think what you want about Dan Rather," I said. "He stepped up to the plate and accepted responsibility, apologized, and resigned. What has Bush done? Shouldn't the President at least meet the same standard of integrity as a news anchor?"

The guy never had a chance to answer. He got off the train at BWI. Good riddance.

Fucking asshole. He's probably snooping on my cell phone calls now.


Blogger Max said...

You should see some of the conservatives in Florida! Our campus is mostly politically conservative (or apathetic, which is sad.)


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