Rove Over

Source: Fark.com, artist unknown

Some call him Bush's Brain. The president's pet name for him is Turd Blossom. Karl Rove embodies everything that is evil and corrupt about this administration. He is a hack who put spiteful gutter politics ahead of national security.

Rove has a distinguished career as a weasel. He is the Jedi master of dirty tricks. According to the fascinating Bush's Brain (both a book and a film), Rove once bugged his own office and blamed his opponent. He invited the homeless to an opponent's fundraiser dinner. All is fair in getting your guy elected.

Nothing uttered by Rove is to be believed. He is a chronic liar. How do I know he's a liar? In the July Vanity Fair, Rove is quoted saying that Bush is "the best-read person I ever met."

Once upon a time, people cared about even the appearance of impropriety. This is an administration that says, "Fuck appearances."