George Bush eats kittens!

I'll tell you why this administration is so despicable.

I can forgive a few personality flaws -- invading a sovereign nation on false pretenses, engaging in torture lite, snooping on other people's phone calls, pathological lying -- but there are limits to decency.

Sure, Dick Cheney will shoot you in the face on a whim. Just because he can. Okay, fine.

But some things are way over the line. What got me into this state?

George Bush eats kittens!

I don't mean that he gives kitties a tongue bath or affectionate nibbles. George Bush eats kittens! Fur, bones, guts and all!

George Bush eats kittens!

Republicans are very scary people. They have laser eyes and want to rip your still-beating heart from your chest. Not cool.

Democrats are frightening too, but in a different way. They're more like your wacky aunt who giggles too loudly, or the guy wearing four sweaters who scribbles fervently in a mail order catalog in front of Caribou.

But Republicans, man, they want a leader who eats kittens. They're some crazy mofos.


Blogger Miss Cellania said...

Love the graphic!

Dubya's been trying to convince us he's above the law for months now. He feels he has the right to shoot anyone, anytime, anywhere. And also that he has the power to delegate this mission. That story is just so full of karma...

Blogger West of the Sun said...

Many thanks for the chuckle. Good stuff. =)

Anonymous 9thcannon said...

i knew it...that kitten-eating astard

Blogger Vemrion said...

Some great pix, man! Good stuff.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So funny! I hate Bush, so I loved this page!

Anonymous bush hater said...

i hate u bush evil man eating kittens wot diod they eva do to u evil evil u should be locked up

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hes a jackass

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the Hillary pic. Love all of it. LOL


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