Death and life

I’ve been away from blogging for the past month or so because most of my thoughts have been consumed with the sudden and bloody deaths of two close friends.

You’ve heard the expression that a friend helps you move, but your best friend helps you move a dead body? Jon was that kind of friend. I’d known him since the age of 13.

Charlie was an exotic dancer. That’s Jon and Charlie’s dog that I photoshopped in the mugshot.

Jon and Charlie were two of the most loving, happy, and brilliant people I know.

Or at least I thought so.

Their murder and suicide are deeply unsettling. I’ve acquired police reports, investigator reports and autopsy reports. I’ve spoken with their neighbors and located siblings. I’ve listened to the 911 call over and over.

All this stuff will probably come out in some form or another. I’m still in the information gathering stage and have barely begun to ruminate. I may mention Jon and Charlie in this blog now and then.

In many respects, Jon was the reason why I began Life During War. The precipitating factor was a desire to return a gesture in kind to the White House. But the idea of creating a blog was the result of our discussions leading up to the 2004 presidential election. Jon challenged me to examine facts and my own values and beliefs. He made me think. Life During War is basically my side of the argument.

Now all I have are unfinished conversations.


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