The Infidel's Lexicon

Language is a tool of propaganda.

It's worthwhile to give thoughtful consideration to some of the phrases and expressions that have become part of the post-9/11 vernacular. This is a new era, with a curious Orwellian argot that influences public discourse in subtle and profound ways.

Why are the bombs killing American soldiers in Iraq called improvised explosive devices, but the improvised explosive devices used by Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City and Robert Rudolph at abortion clinics and Atlanta's Olympic Centennial Park called bombs?

How fine is the distinction between insurgent and patriot? What exactly is waterboarding or extraordinary rendition?

Once a week or so, I'll pick a word or phrase that's come to my attention and use it as a point of departure for an exploration into its definition and meaning.

And the first entry is....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A terrorist is a man with a bomb but no airplane.


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