Who am us, anyway?

My purpose in creating Life During War was to document daily routines in and around a likely ground zero during a period of national insecurity. At first I had the delusion that like-minded people would gather and talk. But it's mostly me, and that's cool too.

Who I am is really immaterial. I could be anybody. Just another cog that keeps the big machine running.

I'm not introspective by nature, not inclined to share the minutiae of my life. I didn't want to be part of an echo chamber or just provide a lot of links to sites and news sources. There's already plenty of that.

I wanted to create original stuff. some serious and some silly -- observations, interpolations, thoughts, cryptic messages found while commuting, occasional dog poop reports.

To reward visitors -- and there are a few -- I've decided to launch a recurring feature I'm calling The Infidel's Lexicon, a glossary to post-9/11 terminology. Look for new additions once a week or so.


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