Screwing the pooch

Nobody's perfect.

So those trailers weren't mobile bioweapon labs, although Bush and crew continued to insist they were for months despite having definitive proof to the contrary. Curveball threw a curveball.

The aluminum tubes weren't for enriching uranium. There weren't tons of nerve agent and chem-bio weapons. The drone planes didn't have the range or configuration to pose a threat. That memo suggesting they wanted to buy yellowcake uranium from Niger was a crude forgery.

Mistakes happen. That's why pencils have erasers.

What I'd like to know is this: were any claims made as a basis for the Iraq war correct?

So we weren't greeted as liberators, met by cheering crowds throwing flowers. There weren't enough boots on the ground to maintain security, and they didn't have enough armored vehicles and body armor to do the job safely. The insurgency was unanticipated. Disbanding the Iraqi military turned out to be a bad idea. Oil revenue won't pay for the war. We can't rebuild the nation. The new Iraqi government, if and when there is one, won't be our flavor of democracy. The mission was not accomplished.

Oh yeah, and Saddam isn't responsible for 9/11. The guys who are haven't been caught yet.

Have these miscreants done anything right?


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